Structuring Essay Body

By digging a little bit deeper into the topic what factors led to the decision to make a change what were the key features of this organization in its environment what were they explicit and implicit objectives what criteria can be used to evaluate organizational change what management theories relate to these criteria and does this case support or challenge these theories those questions are going to be very useful for you in structuring the body of your essay because you can arrange those key questions into a plan of course it’s always best to have a plan you can always change your mind as you go if you discover a better way one possibility.

Might be this kind of list of questions to help you to begin planning your SNA just taking those questions you’ve identified and putting them into a logical order perhaps beginning by identifying the key features of this organization and its environment what factors led to the decision to make a change what were the explicit implicit objectives then moving into your connection with theory what criteria can be used to evaluate organizational change what were the strengths and weaknesses of the change according to your first criteria then according to your second criteria and then according to your third criterion then this might lead to an overall evaluation or how successful was the change finally you might want to comment on what practical and/or theoretical lessons are to be learned from this initiative so taking your questions that you’ve identified earlier turning them into a logical list may actually form the basis of your plan as we’ve seen in now it’s important that you don’t keep the organization of your essay a personal secret.

Remember that a report in a sense is much clearer when you look at it you can see titles of different sections etc an essay doesn’t have those titles so it’s even more important for you to guide the reader let the reader know the organization the purpose of each paragraph for example and how those paragraphs connect to other paragraphs so some expressions that you might use would include it’s important to define these terms and then go on to define them one example of this is a look at statistics we’ll clarify this point the first reason is a key experiment illustrates this point well the following is a case in point so these expressions connect together your paragraphs and show the reader the purpose of what they’re going to read so you’re acting as a guide for your reader now when you’ve completed your body your reader will be looking for your conclusion the conclusion gives the reader a sense of closure one important thing is to look again at your thesis statement to restate your thesis statement that you’ve formed right at the beginning state the implications and significance of this argument try to end strongly than in a positive way so in a way your conclusion is the reverse of your introduction.