Essay Editing Checklist

Essay Editing Checklist

Ideas and Content
Explain each idea more carefully, using more details
Add in more cited information that supports the idea of the paragraph

Needs a 3-part thesis statement as the last sentence of the introduction.
Please add a topic sentence to the supporting body paragraphs
Please add concluding sentences that connect the paragraph back to the thesis.
Please begin the conclusion with a restated thesis.
Not all paragraphs stay on the topic introduced by the topic sentence.
Add to the introduction to make it more fully introduce the ideas of the paper.
Hook needed for the introduction.
Add to the conclusion a more complete ending. Consider a hopeful note.

Please add a parallel sentence to each supporting paragraph to help describe the idea
Please describe the problems with vivid verbs and lively descriptions.

Word Choice
Eliminate inappropriate slang.
Use more specific words/ replace common or vague words.
Repeated words need to be alternated and changed to include more variety.

Sentence Fluency
Fragments must be revised.
Run-ons must be revised.
Writing is too mechanical; sentence length is repeated without variation.
Please employ correctly used colons or semicolons.

Please use Spell Check
Commonly misused words have been misused!
Punctuation or capitalization errors

Citing Sources
Sources must be prompted more clearly.
Please include one single sentence paraphrase.
Please include one well prompted, clearly explained quote.
End of sentence punctuation belongs outside of the citation parenthesis.
All body paragraphs require cited information.