In-text Citation using APA 6th ed. Style

When you refer to another person’s ideas in your work, you can either quote it, or paraphrase it. Paraphrasing involves putting the idea in your own words. It is usually better to put ideas into your own words as it shows you understand them. Here is part of a journal article. To paraphrase this text, I would put it in my own words. Like this.

“Successful student actively participate in class.” See how my version uses different words but keeps the idea I want to use. You also need to link from the paraphrased idea to the original source using what is called an “in-text citation”.

This journal article was written by: JoAnn Yaworski, Rose-Marie Weber and Nabil Ibrahim. It was published in the year 2000. An in-text citation consists of the authors’ names and the year of publication, like this A quote uses the same words as the original text, within double quotation marks following the APA referencing style. To quote this text, it would look… Like this. The in-text citation for a quotation would look like this.

When quoting you need to include the authors surnames, date of publication and the page number. In Summary A paraphrase is in your own words. An in-text citation for a paraphrase includes the author’s surname and year of publication. A quotation has the same words as the original source. An in-text citation for a quotation includes author’s surname and year of publication, it also includes the page number and the quote in double quotation marks When quoting or paraphrasing, when you mention the author’s names as part of your sentence, you do not need to include them inside the brackets of the in-text citation, as shown.

Place the year directly after the author’s names or at the end of the sentence. If you use a direct quote you need to include the page number as well. Your reference list should be headed References For each source you have referred to in your writing with an in-text citation you need a matching entry in your reference list at the end. Yaworski, Kuh, Monash University, Your references should be in alphabetical order of the first author in your reference list Your references should be double-spaced and with a hanging indent The APA Referencing Style Guide is available on the Library website For more information, please contact the Library in person or online.