Last Day of School! Thank You Special Education Teacher / Therapists

Teachers and therapists probably you guys are not appreciated enough. So, thank you Hello So as you see, Isaac’s off to school. We are gonna follow right behind him basically Once my mom comes over here to mind Cormac Because we have a meeting with them to go over the evaluation that he just had through the school and to iron out some IEP details so we will catch up with you on the other side of that because we’re gonna get ready in skedaddle Crying because you didn’t get any face time yet. It’s the very beginning of the video.

See you in a second Hi We’re back from school I love his school. It’s a nice school It’s a very good feeling every time we go it feels good feels like they care about Isaac we have really productive conversations every time I think that’s just So nice because it very easily could not be that way. We talked about the evaluation and honestly, the evaluation went well. Isaac always since he started being in school he was Eligible for special ed because of his diagnosis of having autism spectrum disorder but also a developmental delay both things but at the meeting today they think that we that he doesn’t even have the Developmental delay anymore that they don’t need to have that as part of his IEP. It’s definitely a good thing That means for me, he’s making progress.

Luke wasn’t sure at first Well, no because I admit when they first said, okay We’re actually gonna remove this part where it says, there’s a developmental delay. My initial thought was straight to pessimism I was like, okay I was like just expecting the next sentence to be so we are going to decrease your services you know what I mean? But it wasn’t anything like that at all. It was just like hey look the things we’re doing are working He’s kind of hitting some of these developmental milestones now that he wasn’t before But you know, we’re still gonna keep going at it at the same pace that we’re at now just you know Try to make even more progress even more progress. So yeah He will not be getting any less services at all in fact he’s getting at minimum the same amount actually more because next year he’ll officially and we’ve kind of discussed this before but have a One-to-one in the classroom para with him in the classroom and that’ll help like.

With the transition into kindergarten transition the kindergarten his You know, he doesn’t have very high focus. That’s the self regulation Thing he needs to work on is focusing and his attention in school in this meeting today kind of Cemented that because it’s like, okay like we see these this developmental progress. Yet we see, you know these factors that are keeping him from Truly progressing in a school atmosphere, so I don’t know anyways I thought it was a super productive meeting and I feel very good Better now about going into kindergarten than I have before and I haven’t I haven’t been that worried about it It’s just I don’t know. It’s nice every time we leave that place They really take the time to get to know Isaac specifically, which is awesome. It’s not just going off a handbook No, not at all they really take into Account the things the Isaac likes the things that help him specifically, I mean, that’s why it’s an IEP, you know really good about Specifically I think in this in this school, man We should be very thankful because they do really take his individuality into consideration Like he is getting a very customized learning experience and the teachers and therapists are fantastic. Yeah yeah, check on him and as we sort of come to wrapping up school tomorrow’s Isaac’s last day and It is sort of nice to look back on the whole year and see how far he’s come We work really hard at home, but they work hard at school, too and I have to acknowledge that they do so much with Isaac and they’re just kind of on the same page as us and it’s a really good feeling this is not to say that we just are gonna Sit back and assume that this school system is always going to work for Isaac We’re gonna have to constantly re-evaluate that as we go, but right now we’re really happy.

So All good things and a little sad, too you know have Isaac leaving this group and going on to new different people that he’s gonna have to get adjusted to But in the end it’s all good. So there’s our little developmental IEP school update for you. Let’s go see Cormac There was some dirty rainwater in the pool from rain and he was getting in it trying to go in it It was really dirty, by the way Day two wearing these shoes These are the sandals that we tried him in. All right, good job He willingly gave me his feet to put in the new shoes Like he knew that I was gonna put the new ones on him.

That’s so amazing. That’s shocking that’s shocking And I can tell it’s still a little uncomfortable for him. But he’s like accepting it. I feel like I just gonna try things We’re trying things Want to get up?

There you go I’m even gonna keep them on him in here Yeah, I mean I don’t love keeping the shoes on when the trampoline but to be honest with you It’s probably a good opportunity to break them in a little extra Yeah, let’s get the yeah that always happen Standing there in the corner. Actually, there’s no corner. This is literally a perfect circle. Yeah, I love how theirs still ball pit balls I’m not perfect. I’m darn well close, okay Somebody mentioned that you might see this more often. There is another this time I think I fly that got stuck in the netting.

Okay, that’s new It’s our first summer with the trampoline That’s true. He generally likes it better when one of us is in there, but Well, look at that ball Launching it. I think for the rest of today.

We’re kind of tied up doing stuff So I think I’ll probably drop the vlog for now, but we’re continuing so don’t go away We’re gonna pick up tomorrow where we can do some sort of last day of school festivities with Isaac, you know last day of preschool ever. And he’s been in preschool for three years He’s been in preschool, what did you did half his life right Yes, half his life So we’ll see if we can do some little festive not nothing crazy Maybe just get when I was a kid we used to get the the my mom would make the whoopie pies for the last day of school and we get home and Munch on those. I don’t I don’t bake so Do you want just buy him at the store? Will make it super easy on ourselves and we’ll buy him at the store you guys do anything for? End of the school year traditions or anything because I’m all about tradition.

Unfortunately our boys don’t care too much about it, but I Mean if you’re giving a boy a whoopie pie, you know, what can he say? He’s gonna enjoy himself. Yeah Sometimes Isaac likes some traditions. He likes Christmas traditions Yeah, so maybe always do this for this for his last day of school Will that see the whoopie pie thing was like my childhood tradition It doesn’t have to be the tradition we do now, you know what I mean? So if anybody has any better ideas, you know, I’m all ears anyways Talking too much.

I’ll leave you here and we’ll pick right up with you tomorrow Beautiful day I surprised you on the trampoline again Okay, so you saw Isaac working on little cards? he was writing his signature on it for his teachers and therapists And Rachel brought those gifts to the school and now I got to go get those whoopie pies or moon pies I think some people call them. It’s a gorgeous day beautiful day to start summer officially Someone in one of our comments recently said how I always wear sweatshirts Wait, you’re wearing another thick thing. It’s like 78 degrees It is like definitely in the 70s but You just prefer it from a fashion standpoint. Oh no because I have some cute like short sleeve things but I I don’t know. It feels very comfortable in jeans and Jeans and like long sleeve thing.

I mean I mean if it was absolutely super hot, I wouldn’t If it was like 90 degrees I’m wearing shorts. It’s gonna be and it’s gonna be like 80 or something I don’t think it’s reaching 80 It’s reaching 79. That’s ridiculous. No, no, I gotta go get stuff you guys have fun Alright Have a good summer That’s the last day of school What is it? What is what?

what did you get? Is that Grampy’s car? It’s nope that’s not grandpa’s car that’s a car for one of Cormac’s ladies one of his therapists. Is it summer now school’s all done?

We got a special treat for you to celebrate summer. Can you show me what’s in your bucket? You got a bucket yesterday. Do they know that they might not know that I think they might have given him Another bucket by mistake.

Yeah Yeah I think they just gave him another one Lucky him. It’s Oh No that’s Lucas’s Oh my goodness good call Isaac we’re gonna have to get in touch with Lucas’s parents They gave us somebody else’s bucket that makes more sense. Look at you with that huge backpack on take that thing off. It’s summer now Okay now you’re gonna get your shoes on and go to the farm Gonna go see Grammy and his cousin at the farm Yes, I’ll stay with Cormac and then afterwards we’ll have some whoopie pies. All right guys have fun. Ooh, Cormac’s not happy They’re leaving Isaac at the farm eating a brownie.

Hey, Isaac, do you like the brownie is it yummy? And this is miss Alice eating hers What kind of phone is that? This is not a phone. This is a camera Yes. Alright. So let’s put it in here and we’ll get it out.

There you go Wanna gonna feed the goats one more time There you go. I wish I could it 100 times It’s so much fun, isn’t it? Yeah. Can you feed them Isaac.

What’s that? That’s a different goat. It’s a black and white one He’s hungry. Oh, oh There you go, give it to him Raise your hand if you go to kindergarten in the fall Oh, yeah, you do and so does Isaac.

So does a lot of people More food? I don’t have any more quarters So we’re done with that Oh Alice. Look she’s giving you a quarter.

Can you say thank you? You feeding the same goat over there? That’s the GoPro.

Is it on? Can have a whoopie pie? Whoopie pie pease? With that type of asking You can have a hundred, no just one. You can just have one.

But yes Cormac, you’re not gonna be screaming in a second. You want this, Corm? Is this for you?

It’s actually Massive have you even ever had anything like that? Actually, it’s like that cookie he had an animal kingdom You didn’t even have any school You just stuck that wolf’s head into the whoopie pie That’s good, I appreciate that I can show you I can show you maybe if we cut it see Now you can eat it a little better Not quite like the homemade ones from when I was a kid, but though they’ll do the job I knew if I cut it for Cormac that you can see the frosting That would make a difference for sure Why is it always fascinating to show you eating because he gets it all over his face? He’s a funny eater I don’t like it.

All right. All right, you don’t have to eat it Cormac has found another use for whoopie pies. It’s just Basically turned into…

It started turning into a sensory for him and now yep It’s just like dirt for those animals Looks pretty cool though. What did you see at the farm? Anim..goats anigoats?

And the chickens Goats and chickens you gonna send me some pictures of the farm Oh wait you you’ve recorded a little bit at the farm anyways I forgot you already know about the farm. I’m like talking about the farm as if I didn’t force you to bring the camera If I did it right If Rachel actually got the recording Or did you do the thing where you press record and you turn it on when you Accidentally thought when you thought you were turning it off and then you record inside your purse the whole time Alright kindergartener say goodbye to the vlog No, no. No no no. We’re not leaving We’re not leaving I was saying something to the video Aw, he heard goodbye Don’t say it again jeez, that’s a trigger word for him I just want to say one last thank you to the teachers and therapists special education teachers everybody who works with kids out there and Comes up with individual ways to create learning environments growing environments for them. Probably you guys are not appreciated enough So thank you.

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