About the Structures For Writing the First Draft by Robert A. Pauker

This book explains The Structured Writing process by providing multiple annotated examples for literature, science, social studies and mathematics. In addition, the final section of this book demonstrates how to utilize The Structured Writing process to create a complete personal narrative essay.

The book is organized into these five parts.

Part 1 Structuring a Response to Literature

Samples of persuasive, expository, poem analysis, personal narrative, and letter paragraphs

Part 2 Structuring a Response to Science Text, Article or Experiment

Samples of persuasive, expository, article, personal narrative, and business letter paragraphs

Part 3 Structuring a Response to Social Studies Text, Article, Video or Research Question

Samples of persuasive, expository, chapter text, personal narrative, and historical letter paragraphs

Part 4 Structuring a Response to a Mathematical Process or a Decision Based Upon Mathematics

Samples of persuasive, mathematical principle, article, personal narrative, and business letter paragraphs

Part 5 Writing a Personal Narrative Essay

The annotated examples demonstrate how to apply each of the six steps of The Structured Writing process to a particular area of focus. The area of focus is the central theme or purpose of the paragraph. Analytical paragraph writing requires that this focus be specific in nature.

The logical sequence of each step of the process provides students with a critical thinking structure that makes producing in-depth paragraphs easy. The reader can begin his or her exploration in The Structured Writing process by reading the section of this book that is of most immediate interest. The teacher of science would most likely turn to Part 2 immediately; the teacher of mathematics would turn to Part 4 immediately.

On a personal note, as you read each section think about how you can incorporate annotated examples into your daily instruction.

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