Tips for Personal Statement

College apps are coming up soon whether you’re applying as a freshman transfer or graduate school and I’ve been doing this career advising stuff for like a few months now and a lot of the people had career advice they asked me to read the personal statements and I noticed there’s very common errors that I see very often so I wanted to give like a little like five tips five tricks pub tips on common errors I see in personal statements personal background of mine is that a I I grew up in a family that spoke three different languages um English Chinese Chinese Cantonese and then Chinese a Chinese language called nie which is a very rare dialect. See a similar articles on Edusson.

Growing up my English was like really bad like I went to pretty much all white grade school and my teacher is always expected you know people to have like a certain level of English while me you know when you speak English at school but then you go home and you speak Chinese for like the first element like five or six years of your life you’re already so behind that it’s really hard to catch up so I really didn’t start getting better at English until after college when I actually had time to read for leisure and start like making videos for leisure.

So that’s what really helped my I guess English catch up to other peoples is that after college reading and writing so with that you say let’s go our first tip about writing a personal statement and number one error I see is a lot of people write what the college could do for them and not what they can do for the college for example a lot of times when the prompts will be why do you want to attend our college and a lot of times I see people read write oh you know this I need to go to this college because it will it would help me have a really successful career um you know it’d look good on my resume some sums up basically along those lines of course worded more elegantly.

What the rear university is like really looking for in a personal statement when they ask you why you want to attend the school they really want to look for students that are going to be they’re going to be the leaders the ones that are going to start new clubs they’re gonna they’re going to want someone that’s competing for the school name in some way so either through athletics through engineering competitions or there anything any even even salsa dancing club they want students that are going to make the canvas diverse they want something that’s going to add to the campus so when they say why you want you attended to school don’t just write you know because I need to have a good career or because I have a I want to be a doctor and I need to go to school be a doctor the equivalent of that would be you know.

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